Instagram Marketing Course Components

In this course you will learn:

How Brands Are Using Instagram

  • Discover strategy models other brands are deploying
  • Learn about who uses the platform and what for
  • See examples of best practice from businesses
  • Understand why increasing reach matters to brands; and the downsides to be aware of

Instagram Content And Advertising Opportunities

  • Build the scenes and prepare the stage to get started
  • Understand hashtag strategies in Instagram
  • Learn about the advertising options
  • Find out more on content guidelines; ad sizes and image standards and the text rule
  • See how to source content and build material that’s shared

Understand Instagram For Your Brand

  • Evaluate your company and key competitor online footprints on Instagram and other social networks
  • Conduct competitor benchmarking to explore who is winning the race
  • Be prepared! Delve into your ‘asset bank’ to explore the potential set-up costs
  • Identify who in your organisation will manage your brand in Instagram

Money And Measurement

  • A review of Instagram advertising costs
  • Explore the management tools to see results
  • Measurement and integration with other channels

Targeting The Right People

  • Agree objectives for Instagram using a recognised framework
  • Define your audience and build personas to accurately pinpoint the right audience
  • See how to choose relevant targeting and audience options

Developing Your Action Plan

  • Hints and tips for better ads
  • Build your ad using Facebook’s Power Editor
  • Create your 90 day action plan