An introduction to Snap INC

  • Insight into the platform and parent company

  • Putting Snapchat into the wider context of Snap Inc’s ambitions

  • Review of competitive apps and platforms around the world

  • Analysis of the effect of Instagram Stories on Snapchat’s growth and prospects

Measurement and Reporting

·         Objective-setting through measurement frameworks

·         Tools to capture data on content performance and growth

·         Measuring ROI on regular activity and campaigns

How Brand use Snapchat

·         Analysis of how brands use Snapchat and how that varies across sectors

·         Insight into posting frequency, behaviour and engagement benchmarks

·         Review of content types that work across sectors

·         Defining editorial mix, and how brands plan content

·         Why brands post – objectives and goals for different businesses

Advertising Product

·         Geofilters – how to design, produce and deploy location-based filters

·         Snap Ads – how to plan, buy, traffic and measure campaigns

·         Sponsored Lenses – how they’re produced and deployed

·         Snapchat API – how to leverage other platforms which access deeper ad features

Building Engage Community

·         Explore different approaches to content creation, from candid to highly produced content

·         Promoting your Snapchat profile

·         Cross-pollenating content on other platforms

·         Publishing behaviour and techniques